Martin Elbourne

Martin Elbourne is based in the UK and has experience of over forty years in the music industry.

He has owned a record label and music magazine, has worked as a manager, agent, promoter, booker, international live music consultant and was commissioned to be the official ‘thinker in residence’, reporting on music policy, for the South Australian government.

 Currently, Martin is working in the UK as one of the main bookers for the Glastonbury Festival and is a Creative Director of The Great Escape Festival in Brighton. He is also working internationally as president of MusikThinkSki, music consultant to NH7 in India, ‘M for Montreal’ in Canada and for Music Cities Convention. He is an advisor to various governments for live music and on the advisory board of both Music Glue and Sound Diplomacy. He also regularly speaks at music industry events around the world. 

Career Highlights:

· Co-founder - Womad festival, Great Escape festival, NH7 festival (India), M for Montreal festival and Music Cities Conventions

· 30 years as booker /advisor to Glastonbury festival

· Agent for: ‘New Order’ and ‘the Smiths’

The official ‘thinker in residence’ for South Australian Government.